Since becoming widely available to consumers in the 1980s, automatic garage door remotes are vital for most homeowners with a daily commute. This device allows one to open and close a garage without needing to leave their vehicle or do heavy lifting. These remotes work by sending an infrared signal to the motor of the garage door opener. This activates a switch that opens and closes the door. In order for a remote to work, it must be within the range of this infrared (or IR for short) signal. If your remote is within this range but does not work, try one of the following solutions before purchasing a new one.

How To Troubleshoot Garage Door Opener Remote

  1. New Batteries

Weak or dead batteries are the most common reason why garage door remotes will stop working. To maximize battery life, choose higher quality batteries over cheaper generic brands. Though rechargeable batteries are both sustainable and will save money, most are only capable of putting out about 1.2 volts of electricity. A regular battery, by contrast, has 1.5 volts. A standard remote is intended to operate on 3 volts. This means that a quarter of the required power is missing. This can reduce both the remote’s infrared range and efficacy.

  1. Battery Contacts

Contacts within the battery can become damaged with water, dirt, and regular wear and tear. This damage can block the electrical current the remote needs in order to operate properly. If the battery contacts are dusty, bent, or wet, they should be cleaned and polished immediately. This can be done using a fine-grit abrasive such as steel wool or 400-grit sandpaper.

  1. “Eye” Cleaning

The “eye” is the name of the infrared unit’s plastic layers located on both the opener and the remote itself. The eye enables the infrared signal to be sent from one device to the other. To clean the eyes of your opener or remote, use a damp cotton swab or cloth. The plastic on eyes are scratch resistant. However, they can still suffer damage due to abrasive materials, contact with metal, scratches, and being dropped. You can also purchase specially-made solutions to polish the eye. However, if cleaning the eye does not work, it likely means you will need a new opener.

  1. Run a System Reset

Like a smartphone or tablet, garage door controls and openers are like tiny computers. On occasion, you will need to do a simple reset for both devices. To reset the system, begin by removing the batteries from your remote, waiting for about a minute or so, then put them back in. The receiving unit or opener can be reset similarly by unplugging the power, waiting a minute, then plugging the opener in again.

If All Else Fails…

These troubleshooting solutions are easy and can be done by most customers. But this can sometimes indicate larger problems with your system that requires professional help. If you have tried all of these and your remote still won’t work, contact ASAP Garage Door Repair Pasadena CA. We can repair, replace, and program remotes. Some newer systems can even be synced up to your smartphone, which can work even more reliably than a traditional opener.

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