Garage door openers look alike, but they are different. Typically, each type has its unique features and functionality. Besides that, other things such as speed of operation, price, reliability and noise levels vary from one type of opener to another. All these help in determining the kind of opener you’ll choose for your home. Did you consider them the last time you bought and installed a new opener? They are very critical when it comes to making choices. To help you when it’s time to repair or replace your garage door opener, here are the garage door opener types you’ll find out there. You have the freedom to select any of them depending on your unique needs.

Screw Drive

These are unique garage door openers that open or shut using large, steel screw. In fact, that’s where the name screw comes from. You, of course, know that steel is durable. Therefore, this can be the best option for you if durability is what you are looking for when choosing your garage door opener. Besides that, it’s very unlikely for a screw garage door opener to break or fail. However, this opener system can be louder than the other types. If you are okay with this type and would like to have it at home, then consult a garage door opener pro. That’s the surest way to get the best one and have it installed successfully at home.

Chain Drive

Chain drive opener systems are very common nowadays. In fact, almost every homeowner has it. As the name suggests, this opener type opens and shuts by relying on a sturdy chain. The chain is what makes it possible to pull up and down the overhead doors on their tracks. You might be asking yourself why these systems are very common. Well, they are easier to repair when compared with the other types. Remember that openers don’t last a lifetime. So many homeowners usually like this kind because of their availability and ease of repair. They are no doubt a good option only for their tendency to make noise during operation. But despite that drawback, they are the best choice when it comes to garage door opener replacement.

Belt drive is the most common garage door opener types

Unlike the chain and screw drive types, the belt opener system is the quietest. That’s why it’s popularly known as the best option for those homeowners who would like to have a quiet solution. So why are they quiet as opposed to being noisy like the other two types? Well, unlike the chain types that use metal chains, belt openers make use of soundless belts. That also explains the name. The good thing about them is the fact that they are made of durable rubber materials. You can, therefore, rest assured that they will last for long provided you are observing the necessary maintenance practice for them. If you have a garage door that is attached to your home and it’s near the living or even bedroom, then this is the opener system that’s the best for you. You’ll not complain about noise when it comes to opening or closing them.


These three opener types are the most common ones you’ll always find in garage door repair companies. From their features, you now know which type is the best for your garage door. Still wondering “Which garage door opener is best for me?”, feel free to consult a pro. Your preferences alone are not the only factors worth considering when it comes to replacing your opener. The size and style of your door are also vital. To make a wise choice and get a strong opener, work with opener pros. Here at ASAP Garage Door Repair Pasadena we also have same day service and our expert technician can be at your location 30-60 minutes.

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