Garage Door Problems

As a homeowner, you rely on your garage door to operate smoothly and securely every day. However, these critical structures can have many problems. In fact, such issues can cause the garage door to stop functioning if they are not fixed promptly. Fortunately, many of garage door problems are simple and do not need you to blow your bank to cater for them. You just need to be proactive to diagnose early and fix them. The most common problems that affect garage doors include:

Uneven Movement When Opening/Closing

If you’ve been using a garage door for many years, then you must have realized that sometimes it doesn’t open/close evenly. It can either shut suddenly or moves slowly in an uneven manner. When you notice that, seek help immediately. That’s most likely a spring issue that needs immediate attention from a garage door pro. Such Garage door problems specially with springs not only cause opening/closing problems but also pose a danger. Therefore, do not hesitate to seek help to have the issue fixed in the shortest time possible.

Screeching/Squealing Noise When Operating the Door

When you hear a loud screeching or squealing noise while operating your garage door, do not take it lightly. That’s a signal that your door needs lubrication. It also means that there is debris or dirt in the movable parts. You, therefore, need to clean the entire door and apply oil to the movable parts. However, be careful not to use harsh cleaners. That might only serve to worsen the problem. Use equipment and oil designed specifically for that purpose.

Opener Fails to Respond to the Remote Control

How will you feel when you are back to home, but your garage door can’t let your vehicle into the garage? Sometimes you might press the garage door remote control button, but the door fails to open. Well, that should not worry you because it’s a small issue. When that happens, batteries and switches need inspection and probably replacement. If that fails to solve the problem, then it’s likely to be an issue with cables. With the help of a garage door repair company for opener repair, that can be solved in a matter of minutes.

It Falls Quickly when You Lower It

That is a sign that there is a serious problem with cables. It could also imply that the springs are loose. Unlike other problems, that can be a little bit dangerous. In fact, it poses a risk of causing severe injuries to you or those you live with them. Don’t troubleshoot that alone. It might get worse than it was before your intervention. Seek help immediately from professionals.

Jammed Garage Door

Such a garage door problem can be as a result of many situations. It can be a issue with cables, springs, batteries, openers and many other parts. That requires diagnosis almost immediately to avoid further problems. It’s a very common garage door problems and usually, happens when regular maintenance is ignored. Like the others, they simply need the intervention of garage door specialists. You can, however, avoid it if you carry out preventive maintenance and on a regular basis.

Though there might be other problems with garage doors, the above are the most common ones. Provided you remain a property owner, expect to experience one or more of them. Therefore, be prepared and get in touch with garage door experts. It’s very vital especially when you encounter problems unprepared, or at late hours. These problems can occur anytime whether it’s a weekend, night or daytime.

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